Shy Guys Coming Out The Winners

There are many people out there who are shy and some more so than others. Those people who are shy can feel really uncomfortable when speaking in front of a group of people or even when meeting new people. There are some people who are so shy that they rarely venture out in public out of their fear of meeting people. Men that are really shy can live a very lonely life and sadly, may find it difficult to meet a nice girl. They may be the nicest guy and would make a girl the perfect boyfriend, but they just can’t get past their shyness to actually go out and meet a girl.

There are actually many women who love shy men. Their shyness for some reason is an attractive feature for many women. The personality of a shy guy is something that women adore, the way they walk into a room and he may be the best looking guy in the room but he just doesn’t know it. This is actually very cute and appealing and many women will find themselves drawn to a guy like this. The problem lies when the woman tries to talk to the man and he is literally terrified at the thought of talking to a gorgeous woman.

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If you are a shy guy and you are approached by a beautiful woman you may feel a little intimidated and very anxious. You might even wonder why this gorgeous woman is talking to you as many shy guys lack confidence and don’t feel that they are good enough. Instead, you should try to see this as a great opportunity to meet a lovely girl. If she has approached you then she obviously is attracted to you so don’t wonder why she is talking to you but instead by happy and flattered that this young lady finds you attractive. If she is outgoing enough to come and approach you then she will most likely begin the conversation and even continue a lot of the conversation. You need to try and relax, be attentive and participate in the conversation.

If you are at a club where there is dancing going on then why not ask her to dance. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best dancer in the world; chances are half the people out there aren’t great dancers. Just try to have some fun and enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about how you look on the dance floor. If you get the chance of a slow dance then you will have the opportunity to put your arms around her and at this time you will really get to know if she really likes you.

No matter how shy you are, it isn’t impossible to enjoy someone else�s company so just enjoy yourself and let her know that you are enjoying her company. Always remember that she approached you so she is the one that needs to impress you and not the other way around. You should gain some confidence in the knowledge that she liked what she saw and acted on it by approaching you. If you like this girl then give her some attention, listen to her speak and talk back.

If the evening goes well and you have become comfortable talking to her then ask her for her phone number at the end of the night. If she is still interested in you after your evening together then she will happily give you her phone number. Always keep it in your mind that she approached you so there is a good chance that she will give you her number, it isn’t a big gamble that you are taking. This first night is the hardest, now you have met her and have her number, just give her a call and go out on a second date. Many girls find shy guys attractive and appealing, so go with it, enjoy yourself and you will meet someone nice.

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